Koyasu Takehito: A tribute to his talent and beauty
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Who is this crazy fangirl anyway?


Name: none of your business
Age: Probably older than you. But younger than Koyasu-san.
Gender: female
Favorite WK pairing: KenxRan, of course.
How I became a Koyasu Takehito fan: My best friend and I first heard him in Slayers. We thought his voice was smooth and sexy (In an evil way. After all, he was playing Rezo), but when he laughed, we about fell over! It was so high pitched and efemminate. We joked about how gay it sounded. Since he was nothing more than a voice to us at the time, we had no idea how on target we were.
A few years later, out of pure boredom, I was looking up random seiyuu in various anime I was watching at the time. I came across his picture and thought "wow! He looks as good as he sounds!" (Of course, that was before I saw his teeth, but even they have a cuteness and a charm.) I bought some Weiss Kreuz CDs and became hooked on the music. Then I got the fansubs. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with Koyasu-san's career, and determined to find out all that I can about about him.


They really are close. ~_^ Further confirmation that KenxRan is the best pairing. Art imitating life, you know.